Oulipost 7 — N + 7

The classrooms cover anchorman, piaster, Beijing, repulsion, NY and disgrace, as well as business school, lawn mower, and stage Manchuria. Stuffings can earn assurance in applied scissor deity or a cesarean.


“The classes cover anatomy, physiology, behavior, reproduction, nutrition and diseases, as well as business, law and stable management. Students can earn an associate in applied science degree or a certificate.”

Faller, Mary Beth, ‘Students, Horses Learn Together in SCC’s Equine Program’, The Arizona Republic, 7 April 2014 <http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/scottsdale/2014/04/04/students-horses-learn-together-sccs-equine-program/7322373/&gt; [accessed 7 April 2014]
Select a passage from one of your newspaper articles. Replace each noun the passage with the seventh noun following it in the dictionary.

My least favorite experiment so far.  I tried several different paragraphs, using both a paper dictionary and the automated N+7 Machine.  Either way, the results are purely mechanical.  No creativity.  Of course, that’s the point.  And it makes nonsense, which is again the point.  But there is a huge difference between creative nonsense, which can be funny, and which can hint at all kinds of uncoventional and delightful meanings, and … this.

#Oulipost  #NaPoWriMo2014

4 thoughts on “Oulipost 7 — N + 7

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comment. I felt exactly the same and was reluctant to say so because other people on FB said they were having fun with it. I got a couple of interesting phrases or word combinations, but nothing that really spoke to me. I feel that I really need to stick with the constraints since this is my first time trying anything like this. I’m a bit jealous when I see others moving things around and recombining things in ways I wouldn’t have come up with. I need to get over myself…

  2. Laughing with you two. Remember that the Oulipians put their constraints on their own original work. We have a double constraint because of working with newspapers as a source. I have found I have much better luck, so far, if I stay in the Arts/comics/etc. section.

    I’m glad for the experience, assuming it will seep in someway as a possibility for greater play on my part, but will be happy to leave the Os behind. My favourite thing in this is the group.

  3. That frustration with the mechanism is a pretty common feeling with constrained writing, Elizabeth. I try to think of it as the equivalent to stage nerves in the theater. If these things aren’t at least slightly frustrating my desire for a meaningful product, there’s something wrong. Without the frustration, it’d be hard to spot the areas in which you do have control and feeling, which is also a bit like meditation.

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