Oulipost 10: Snowball Q&A

Q & A

A:  we are…
we’re young couple,
getting together.
Adventure solidifies


Somers, Kent, ‘Cardinals’ Rebuilt O-Line Inspires Coordinator’, The Arizona Republic, 10 April 2014, Online edition <http://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nfl/cardinals/2014/04/10/qa-cardinals-rebuilt-o-line-inspires-coordinator/7538221/&gt; [accessed 10 April 2014]


This procedure requires the first word of a text to have only one letter, the second two, the third three, and so on as far as resourcefulness and inspiration allow. The first word of a snowball is normally a vowel: in English, a I or O.

From your newspaper, select a starting vowel and then continue adding words of increasing length from the same source article or passage. Challenge yourself further by only using words in order as you encounter them in the text.


I used Excel to sort my words by length, then looked for the most limiting words first — the shortest and longest words, then filled in the middle.  I ended up changing the last few lines when I was all done, but that gave me a starting place.  Obviously, I didn’t use the words in the order they appeared.



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