Oulipost 13 — Epithalium: Bridal Venn

brie and daniel 2



Bang Showbiz, ‘Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Get Married in Sedona’, The Arizona Republic, 13 April 2014, Online edition <http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/people/2014/04/13/wwe-brie-bella-daniel-bryan-married-sedona/7666409/&gt; [accessed 13 April 2014]


An Oulipian epithalamium, or marriage song, is one composed
exclusively with the letters of the names of bride and groom
(bride and bride, groom and groom, etc). Visit the engagement or
wedding announcements section of your newspaper and select a
couple. Write a poem using only words that can be made with the
letters in their name. You may choose to use first names only if
you prefer anonymity or full names if you’re desperate for more


I wrestled with this one because my paper either does not do wedding announcements at all, or does not print them on Sundays.  I finally found a celebrity wedding in the online tradition, and worked this up.  All the words were in the source story, but I did not use all the words that were available with their names. Just ones that would overlap nicely in my diagram.


#Oulipost #NaPoWriMo2014


3 thoughts on “Oulipost 13 — Epithalium: Bridal Venn

  1. Love the visual form! the wedding rings that double a vend diagram, the way you did their individual names on the outside and their collective names in the intersection–nice!

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