Oulipost 14 — Column Inch: “Get Those Immigration Stories Out of the Paper”

 “Get Those Immigration Stories Out of the Paper”

13 Letter Writer, Surge, Politicians, Immigrants,Leaders!
Clean! Call!  All prem Questions! You can afford this Luxury OpinIon.

Jeep Values 4×4, Hardtop, 4 Europes, envy, lifted,
immigration w/ customs, OS communities w/ rights, 40,250 mi.

$300 Citizens, 10wks, interests & police, M/F, law trnd, bth believers $300.

Immediate question for problem parts right women,
seeking long contrasts, right women witness.
This right women system is inbound abuse
and requires no tolerance.
Looking for spry, energetic citIzens
with 2+ times recent right women desire.

Prescott (Northern Arizona) $50,000
“American Dream” host country,
1/2 tolerance, borders spring-fed United States,
all traditions, systems/laws.  No neighbors. $50,000.


Braukis, Helga, ‘Europe, U.S. Immigration Issues Are Worlds Apart’, The Arizona Republic, 14 April 2014, Online edition, section Opinion (Letter to Editor) <http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/op-ed/2014/04/13/europe-us-immigration-issues-different/7685611/&gt; [accessed 14 April 2014]


Refer to the advertising section or the classifieds in your source newspaper. Create a poem by replacing all of the nouns in your chosen ad segment or classified listing with nouns from one article in the same newspaper. You may use multiple ads/classifieds, presented in the order of your choosing.


I was unexpectedly inspired when I went browsing through my paper today and stumbled across a letter to the editor urging the paper to “assemble all the illegal-immigrant sob stories, slams on the Border Patrol, hit pieces on Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, coverage of many protest marches, and all your open borders/amnesty editorials all in one section” so that the reader, Dearel Friend, could “toss them out with the classifieds.”  I used the title from the letter.  Here’s the citation for it. 

Friend, Dearel, ‘Get Those Immigration Stories out of the Paper’, The Arizona Republic, 10 April 2014 <http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/letters/2014/04/10/get-those-immigration-stories-out-of-the-paper/7576351/&gt; [accessed 14 April 2014]

But I couldn’t use that piece as my source text, because it was dated 4/10/14. As you might guess, the paper has run some big stories on immigration issues recently, leading to several responses from readers. I found another letter to the editor dated today, by Helga Braukis.  It is listed as my source text.  I replaced all the nouns except a few to give flavor and context:  I kept “hardtop” and “mi.” in the Jeep ad, and Prescottt (No. Arizona) in the property ad.  And the final “No neighbors” was just too perfect to change.


#Oulipost #NaPoWriMo2014


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