Oulipost 18 – Homoconsonantism: War Hag

War Hag

Their war hag
swung on mountains,
to thy sacahuil.


Associated Press, ‘South Korea Ferry: Grief in Town of Students Missing’, The Arizona Republic, 18 April 2014, Online edition <http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/world/2014/04/17/south-korea-ferry-grief/7853539/&gt; [accessed 18 April 2014]


In this form, the sequence of consonants in a source text is kept, while all its vowels are replaced.


Not crazy about this one either.  I don’t think I will ever like the experimental methods that yield nonsense.  I like my work to at least hint at meaning, even if it is just a hint.  I like it when two words sort of vibrate against each other to tell you something different, the way blue and yellow in an Impressionist painting will tell you “green.” At least this time it yielded a sentence.   My source was the beginning of a sentence: “There were huge swings in emotions Thursday at the school’s auditorium.”

The closest I could get to a replacement word for auditorium was deuterium, so I dropped it.  Sacahuil is a variant spelling of zacahuil, a sort of giant tamale.  “Authorised” is a British spelling.

***FOR A POEM THAT WAS ACTUALLY FUN, SEE MY TAKE 2 FOR THIS PROMPT HERE: https://atreebythestream.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/oulipost-18-take-2-lo-poor-ark/ ***

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