Oulipost 18 (Take 2): Lo, Poor Ark

Lo, Poor Ark

Rue elf chief Zoe!  He led
a quorum for some war.
Soon, no grayest one offered to lead.

Why is it? Who?

If, too late, someone spoke gaes, sin,
he soon sprang as manna to ivy.

“Here be weald, mold, sod.  Go.
Dash thin stifling roads.
Hew rowan, ash, oaks, gum.”
The sap runs to the basin.

Our names chime as in death.
It is done.


“Spring marks the onset of longer days and the growing season, which means more food and shelter for animals in the wild. That’s why so many animals have their babies in the spring, said Grey Stafford, a spokesman for the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in Litchfield Park.”



After reading the work of other Ouliposters, and following their discussion, I decided I was following the constraint much too tightly, which is why I wasn’t having any fun with it.  For example, I was stripping the vowels from individual words and then remaking them (Thursday into authorised, for example), instead of using the consonants from an entire sentence as a template.  So:  I stripped out the vowels, then worked my way through the string of consonants, making new words by adding vowels, but keeping the consonants strictly in order.  I had sap for my first word and started looking for trees, so I had a half-baked plan as I made words. Then I printed out my words, cut them up, and re-arranged them.  I may (or may not) have lost a few little words in the process. Little scraps of paper are slippery!



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