Oulipost 25 — Larding: The Witness Stand

The Witness Stand (with media voiceover)

     The pitchfork crowd has temporarily dispersed.

I think I’m right.
The rest was half-remembered blur.
The engine ignited.
I would do it again.
That’s what.
The smoldering fire started at about midnight.
I noticed smoke coming from under the hood.

     A person sitting on the edge of an overpass caused police to close Loop 101 in the East Valley on Friday morning.

Is it because he’s overvaluing the stuff you can’t measure?
He contacted the police after several attempts to call his son back failed.
It doesn’t change the cold, hard truth.
He jerked away, trying to stop the burning.
     These are heavy questions that come with a heavy cost.
I think I’m right.
They like intangibles.
They were glad she wasn’t alone in her final moments.
They want guys that play the game the right way.
I am wondering.
Both are combustible, emotional and unpredictable.
I would do it again in a heartbeat.

They were giddy with their collaborative efforts.
I’m wondering.
They put the crown on the head of a racist rancher
and welfare king and only backed away after witnessing
the ugly naked truth
of this particular emperor’s new clothes.

     Fire investigators are still determining the cause of the fire.

This is just the craziest thing.
Make sure you have a very clear sense of what you want to do.
Granted, there is limit to how many of these guys a team can tolerate.
That has kind of given me some peace of mind.
I don’t think I’m wrong.
I think the biggest tip is just to prepare for the unexpected.
And we’re not doing it.

     No public executions are on the schedule.


Aka “line stretching.” From your newspaper text, pick two sentences. Add a new sentence between the first two; then two sentences in the new intervals that have become available; and continue to add sentences until the passage has attained the length desired. The supplementary sentences must either enrich the existing narrative or create a new narrative continuity.


You can view the making of this poem on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU3-Iv5OyhI.


Multiple articles in the 4/25/2014 online edition of The Arizona Republic.




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