I’m a poet, recently relocated from Washington state to Arizona.  Not the woodsy Arizona mountains, either.  I’ve been published in a few small press journals, and the work I put up when I started this blog was previously published, either in print or during my brief fling on Themestream.  Themestream was fun because it had such a wonderful community of poets encouraging each other. The first poem I posted there  had a wonderful critique in the comments in less than an hour.  By wonderful, I don’t mean a glowing positive critique, but one that showed the writer a) knew what she was talking about and b) took the poem seriously and c) took me seriously, cheerfully and competently pointing out real flaws, balanced with real praise.

Now I am enjoying posting new poetry straight to the blog…. I’m working on getting a routine of writing daily, and to that end I’ve been engaged in various projects such as Small Stones in January, National Haiku month in February, and Oulipost in April.  (I’m spending March getting caught up on haiku and warming up for Oulipo.

I’ve always been more productive as a member of a community — whether it is a group of poets meeting weekly or monthly, or an online group.  Maybe it is the stimulation of hearing other work, or the adrenaline of a deadline.  Mostly, I think I just like having an audience.


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